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 Tsunami Evacuation Tower   (Tasukaru Tower)
  • Kyoto University Institute of Disaster Prevention established an experiment (Drift Prevention) aimed for placing a central pillar.
  • Placement of a buffering pole as a cushion to prevent the shock from the floating wreckage.
  • By the P wave sensor system, the door will be unlock, patrol lights will blink and an urgent broadcast will be announce.
  • It is equipped with an emergency ration storing boxes and can be able to install additional functions.

「Laws and Ordinances, Public Design Preparations.」
・Design based on construction method
・Earthquake Resistant Design
・Tsunami Load design
・Tsunami Load design

Experiment by the Kyoto University Institute of Disaster Prevention
・Wave Force Resistant Performance
・Optimal Installation Method

  1. By the Hazard Map, we proposed to verify all conditions pertaining to the layout design of the geological characteristics at the installation site.

  2. In choosing the design technique, it was based on the conditions of the various laws and ordinances, public design guidance and guidelines.

  3. It is decided based from the geographical condition and accommodation capacity, determines the shape and the way of installation of the Evacuation Refuge Tower.

  4. Arranging various options that can be integrated to the Evacuation Refuge Tower.

Implemented by the Kyoto University Institute of Disaster Prevention Research,
Research Division of Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Disaster and Coast Disaster Research Field.

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