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Excellent cost performance
Monorail-type Sludge Collector

US Pat. No. 7234600

Sludge collectors traditionally used in water-treatment plants and sewage water treatment plants have been primarily chain & flight type sludge collectors, which cause troubles that they required advanced construction technology and consisted of numerous parts. The Monorail Type Sludge Collector was developed as a solution to these problems.
Monorail type construction features a blade carrier equipped with ‘sludge collecting blades’, which travels back and forth along the straight rail installed on the tank bottom by a link chain.

Traditional Collector
(Chain & Flight Type)

Fujiwara’s Collector


Simple design
Without many complex parts brings effective cost performance and easy maintenance using fewer parts, the monorail-type sludge collector reduces the installation and running costs drastically, and brings easy maintenance by the small number of items and consumable goods.
High performance of sludge removal
As scrapping blades can be matched with the shape of the tank bottom, very few sludge is remained. The monorail-type collector improves the quality of processed water and suppresses staleness of sludge.

Superior earthquake resistance
As the major components are settled on the bottom of the tank, the monorail-type sludge collector can keep away from serious earthquake damages and recover in a short time.
Easy and safety installation
Major components can be prepared at the manufacture’s factory.
No works at the heights.
Installation can be finished in a short time.

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