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Automatic Scum Removal System

FUJI-FLOAT Automatic Scum Removal System is aiming at effective removal of scum floating on the water surface of clarifier to improve water quality. In contract the traditional scum remover (Pipe Skimmer Type) sometimes causes poor rotation caused by fixing of scum, there is no problem in FUJI-FLOAT.

In addition, two types of driving system are available to FUJI-FLOAT. One is non-powered operation which works in conjunction with the sludge collector, another type is powered by a motor.



Efficient scum removal capacity
Scum removal capacity keeps same level during operation.
Water level follow-up function
The floating weir plate follows up the changing water level and enable efficient scum removal.
Fixed trough type
No scum discharge pipe is required. Scum water can flow out to the terminal pit.
No lubrication required
All the bearings are lubrication-free. This means there is no problem such as poor rotation and clogging
Superior earthquake resistance
Simple structure brings less subject to earthquake disasters.

Scum flowed out





Scum starts to flow out.


Before start-up

Circular Tank Type
The scraper A sweeps scum to the wall side of the tank, and the scraper B carries the scum to the trough.
When scraper B comes close to the trough, the weir float is automatically depressed under the water surface, then scum flows into the trough and flows out through the drainpipe.
The scraper B passes over (or under) trough by the trough guide, and returns to previous position afterward.
Similar to Rectangular Tank Type, Circular Tank Type realize same benefits by the simple design.

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