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Ultimate energy saving
Hydraulic Cylinder-driven Monorail-type Sludge Collector

US Pat. Pending
Drive units from the traditional type collectors (Chain & Flight Type) utilized a mortor to rotate chains, however, our newly developed sludge collector uses water pressure.
It doesn’t need any electricity, as it uses the pressure of treated water that’s circulated at treatment plants. This means lower costs are achieved over the machine’s entire lifetime, from installation to operation.
And, maintenance costs are also reduced, as the product has few consumable parts, leading to easy inspections and repair. The machine features simple construction that uses only a small number of parts such as electric motors or chains.

Driven by a hydraulic cylinder using the pressure of treated water at plants
No need for a motor, control panel or any other electrical equipment
Can be used without a problem in areas of unstable power supply infrastructure

The operation of the Hydraulic-driven monorail-type sludge collector

After the collecting blades are lowered to the collecting position, they advance toward the pit. The collecting blades rotate until they become parallel with the bottom. The collecting blades return to its original position, with the blades raised so that don’t come into contact with the sludge.

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