Protect Environment and Lives
Fujiwara IndustryCo.,Ltd.

About us
Company Information
Company Name Fujiwara Industry Co., Ltd.
Representative Fujiwara Toshimi  President and Representative Director
Founded July, 1980
Offices and Factory Head office  4-5 Sakaigawa 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka-city, 550-0024, Japan
  Kanto Office(Tokyo), Tohoku Office(Sendai), Chubu Office(Nagoya), Kyushu Office(Fukuoka),
Osaka Factory

Corporate Mission

◇Primordial forms of life is “Water”.
We keep “The Life of Water”, purify contaminated water,
and improve water environment. 
We create a comfortable living environment, through
water environmental business,
◇We’ll guard “Human Life”,
to guard a very important person from natural and human
◇We’ll attend to our work faithfully,
to make safety towns for all citizens through disaster
preventative activities in cooperation with official and
nonofficial organizations.
◇We’ll lead to protecting the global environment,
to realize abundant with nature by human wisdom.

Our Business

Planning, Designing, Manufacturing and Installation for Environmental Machines and Equipment.
◇Water Treatment Business
“Fuji Float”( Automatic scum removal system)
Monorail type sludge Collector
Froth Remover  
◇Disaster Protection Business          
“Tasukaru Tower”( Tsunami Evacuation Tower)
Other Tsunami Evacuation Equipment of all descriptions
◇Home Rescue Goods
Bed Flame for Relief disaster prevention, Shelter, Tool Set for disaster Relief
◇All business concerned designing and manufacturing.

Tsunami Evacuation Tower

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Protect Environment and Human Lives
Fujiwara Industry Co., LTD.
4-5 Sakaigawa 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka-city, 550-0024, Japan
TEL :+81-6-6586-3388 Fax : +81-6-6586-1177
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